Wednesday, October 14, 2009

off limits.

Sophie is no longer allowed in TJMaxx.
Or the down stairs bathroom.

or anywhere I can't see her.

Remember when she (and Nora) tried to use the lap tray for a potty and scale the display racks in one visit?

well, this time, she ran full tilt at the back door.

do you know what is on the back door of stores like that?

LARGE red handles.

LARGE red handles with very loud alarms on them.


that would be us.

and why didn't Jake have hot water for his shower last night?

Sophie found another red button, at our house this time.

the red dial on the hot water heater.


turned OFF.

could have been worse....we'll take annoying.

and funny.

that little bugger.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully you only have one Sophie! She is a rascal but a loveable one.


Tisha said...

Haha! That is the perfect picture for what you wrote.

Courtney said...

wow. and, yes, that's the PERFECT picture!

Stacy said...

Our "Large red handled door" experience was at Sams the cafeteria...with everyone there...when I couldn't even pretend it wasn't my child if I wanted to. Talk about embarassing! We just stood there and waited for the the alarm rung through the store.

Melody Glenn said...

We have one of those at our house. He cleared our very big church with a fancy red handle. We returned two weeks later to the fire alarms all retrofitted with coverings and moved up two feet. He has dismantled Mia's bed, my kitchen cabinet pulls, all the sink faucets, a double door stop mechanism, hotwheels, etc...(no tools) I could write all day and not run out. His elecrical outlet in his room is all burned up and black and the only report I got from him as to what happened is, "Mama the lights just did this really cool pop thing". Everyone keeps saying just wait he'll make a really good engineer. So maybe that will give you comfort....althought it doesn't me!