Friday, October 23, 2009

a project worth sharing

we do a lot of projects around here -
I'm 'that' crafty girl.
in my dreams I have a fancy camera that takes lots of pictures of all the projects we do and I have time to have one of those highly popular heavily visited money making craft blogs.
*waking up now*

instead, you just a glimpse here and there (like yesterday!) because I'm thinking it will matter more to me to have documented our lives/hearts and thoughts in 20 years, not our projects.

Today though, I must share, excuse the bad picture quality and just DO THIS ONE!


(#1 - yes, the ribbons are uneven, I will be fixing that shortly, I will also be painting the picture frames on the wall pastel colors - as soon as that paint goes on sale ;-)
my inspiration came from a friend who buys acoustic ceiling tiles at $2 a piece, paints them (with acrylics) and then sells them for big bucks....because they are just that cute.

I was so excited when she told me about this I went out that day and bought two ceiling tiles for $1.74 each - they just happen to be on sale that day!

and then.....they sat there.....

I am 'that' crafty girl but when it comes to paint, or longer timed projects, there is some serious psyching up to do. I despise the clean up from painting.

so they sat there some more....

and then, randomly, no reason why, it dawned on me that I could cover them with fabric and get the same cuteness factor! to Hobby Lobby
$2 a yard upholstery fabric (the really long stuff)
2 yards is going to cover FOUR ceiling tiles.

2 spools of ribbon - 50% off = $4 total.

$2 x 4 tiles = $8
$2 x 2 yards fabric = $4
$4 for ribbon (8 yards)

$16 for FOUR 2'x2' bulletin boards.

that would be $4 a piece.

I used:
upholstery tacks to hold the fabric in place - you could use hot glue, small nails, duck tape, E600 or thumb tacks.

small screws and picture wire across the back for hanging.


hot glued the ribbon onto the back, nailed it to the wall with a tiny nail.

(nails, tacks, screws, wire and hot glue I already had on hand)

haven't done it yet but I am going to go to my favorite antique store and dig through their bucket of mismatched earrings/jewelry, hot glue them to thumb tacks and use those to hang up all their art work on these bad boys.

great Christmas idea!!!!


Cassie said...

LOVE that!
i will definitely be making a couple for christmas gifts!
thanks for sharing.

SarahRJohnston said...

I saw that fabric yesterday at hobby lobby and absolutely loved it. I thought it would be perfect for a little girl's room, then I remembered I have no more wall space. Glad to see someone was able to make use out of it- they look great!

Melody said...

Can you come decorate my house???