Tuesday, October 6, 2009

random post

some randomness for you.

I know, I'm way behind BUT I've attempted to put together a blog book before, like 6 times, got overwhelmed and quit.
the end.
So, this time I hopped on Blurb to put together my Portugal book and had it D.O.N.E in two days, between our normal weekend stuff.
it's on it's way right now.

I was a Shutterfly girl for my photobooks before, no more....good bye Shutterly....hello Blurb.
I don't have to work on-line, the software is downloaded so I just upload my entire book when I'm done...no uploading each and every photo, it just accesses my picture files, saves it automatically, every.time.I.do.anything. (which is super important with how distracted we get around here...uh hem! and it also means no getting kicked off line in the middle of a project!!!), they are the same price and I can fidget with the layout all I want!!
yea. love them. (not linked, just google them)

2. Found an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. resource for Lydia's school stuff a few weeks ago and can I just tell you I feel about 210 lbs lighter for having learned about this!!!
We are using a system (the Spalding Method) that has been around for a while, I have studied and studied and LOVE the method, principles, concepts, etc....
but it's written for a class room teacher and they recommend going to 'the' conference to truly understand how to teach it.
I'm not in AZ so that isn't happening - other mom's had taught their kids so I was gonna just dive...and I did and we were quickly getting discouraged - NO MORE!
thankYOU (that one is linked ;-)

3. I won a giveaway on a blog.

4. The girls and I are REALLY REALLY having a great week this week.
There have been blow outs (reminder: FOUR little girls live here) but God is doing a work in me and it's exciting.
More to come on that, I'm sure.

5. We had wind of a move last week....SENT ME INTO A TAIL SPIN.
An ugly one, not a happy one.
But, boy am I ever grateful it happened.
I had inadvertently set my heart on getting back to one of our home states.
Inadvertently meaning that I was saying one thing and hanging my hat on another - not on purpose, it happened because I let my guard down.

OUCH. was all I could think when this 'wind' came rushing through my heart.

It was a TOTAL God thing.
We're not going to 'that' place (not that 'that' place was bad or anything, it wasn't!!! it was just far from home) and my weakness has been brought to light, dealt with and the guard is back up....the guard that says, "Your will, not mine Lord!"
He is in charge, the Air Force is NOT in charge.
(and it took me two days to remember that....I'm kinda slow sometimes!)

6. Our Tuesday night 'Got Questions' group is transitioning into more of a Bible Study.
We still have some very serious seekers but we are in this book AND WE ARE ALL LOVING IT!!!!!! (seekers and everyone one else!)
I thought it would be 'fluffy', I'll be honest....but it is sooooooooo NOT fluffy! (this coming from a girl who enjoys HARD core Bible Studies....I even do them by myself if I'm not part of a group one...I mean, HARD.)

7. I lost two more pounds....even though my mornings are still uber lonely ;-)
although, there were three other people there this morning and I was so excited!
(we didn't speak or even make eye contact...but I'm just sayin'...there were PEOPLE there ;-)

speaking of that awesome Bible Study....I gotta get off of here!


Missy said...

Oh my gosh what give away did you win?! I love winning stuff! But since that rarely, if ever happens, I settle on being happy when I get something in the mail that I buy. Would be nicer getting something in the mail that I didn't have to buy.

Courtney said...

wow! lots of stuff! FUN that you won a giveaway! AWESOME that God is teaching you stuff...AND you're getting it :-) YAY! that you lost pounds! hope you're having fun outside!!!

Cassie said...

what giveaway did you win?
i'm curious!!