Thursday, October 1, 2009

snap, snap, snap

if ya don't have anythin' nice to say, don't say anythin' at all
~Thumper's father

so, cause I can't 'say anythin' at all', I'll just post these adorable moments.
the weather's been out of this world beautiful - three parks, two days and a camera.

yes, Lydia is wearing the same thing both days,
Like I have said before,
she doesn't care what we think and is all about comfort,
if there is a comfortable outfit to be found, she likes to wear it to it's max allowance ;-)

(the only reason she's not in it at this moment is because we're headed out the door to gymnastics - but I'm sure as soon as we get home, it will be back on.)
I think she's cool.

faster faster we need another master! (and why did we chant things like this as children??? kinda terrible if you think about it....)

(cute picture, very bad experience, that's all I'm gonna say.
4 bikes + 4 toddlers + hilly paths = 1 mama in tears)

(all four swinging themselves - it lasted for about 3 GLORIOUS minutes!!!!)

Samantha!? I think you're missing a bracelet?

the mid-west wind will knock the curls right off yer head!

she kills me! if Huck Fin was a girl....?

(really, it's been THIS pretty - these photos are untouched!)


Stacy said...

hey, the same clothes more than one day in a row = less laundry!!

Mom B said...

Enjoy those days, as I think that you will have cold weather soon! We are having a freeze tonight, here in Colorado. It was chilly today!
I brought the potted plants into the garage ( just can't bear to let them go just yet)
Hugs! Mom

Courtney said...

cute, adorable, beautiful!