Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Sophie: Fever of 101. Quote: I have a birdy in my mouth. I have a birdy mouth. Interp: she is wheezing because there is no such thing as a cold with her without trouble breathing - it scares me EVERY TIME. And it happens EVERY TIME.
For nap she had a vaporizer with Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil in it, Vicks Vapor Rub on her feet, with socks, and rubbed on her chest, and cough medicine - she slept ;-).

Nora: Had a cold Mon and Tues - is totally over it today but still thinks she NEEDS bubblegum medicine. I remember the days when cough medicine was nasty. Other than that I had trouble concentrating on anything today because she (and her HAIR! this RAIN!) were just so darn cute.

did I just say, "I remember the days when...."

oh man!

Samantha: Had a "I want to play by myself" day. Kinda cute. I love how incredibly social she can be and incredibly anti-social she can be all at the same time...we are kindred spirits in that area.

Lydia: Worked super extra hard at school today. It was a doozy, it was dreary outside, cold inside and she did everything she could to stick with it...I'm very proud of her, it wasn't an easy school day! (those darn syllables, consonants, c and g rules and vowels!)

Mommy: Did someone hit the slow-mo' button? I can't seem to snap out of slow-mo'.
The house is kinda 'let go'.
I had to open an emergency package of new panties because there weren't any clean.
We had to go grocery shopping before snack after nap because we barely ate anything for lunch (they didn't like my creativity with what we had ;-) and there wasn't anything for snack - poor Lydia had a stomach ache most of the time until the grahm crackers we snatched promptly after entering the store, hit bottom.
It's pathetic.
I didn't even have anything to be creative with
(unless you can think of something with oatmeal, cranberry sauce, diced tomatoes, puffed rice cereal and one egg? really, it's that bad)

We made it - with Sophie completely protected from the public - I brought a huge quilt with us to the store, covered almost the entire cart, set her down in it and went really really fast, getting only essentials.

Got home to an awesome birthday box from Grandma P - (birthdays Lydia thru Sophie!)
Jake took off with Lydia and Samantha to church while Nora, Sophie and I stayed home to try and GET RID of Sophie's silly cold/croup/whatever this thing is.

Exciting stuff....
why are the better days harder to write about than the bad ones???

again...referring to the window....the house is kinda 'let go' - just focus on the cute little girls with their new cute little back packs:
and cute little socks:

I'm gonna go clean that window now...

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Missy said...

Oh no! Poor girl. I kept my girls home from gymnastics today because I didn't want them possibly getting re-sick with the 'who knows whats living on those mats'. I could of ran to the store for ya-geesh! Isaak is home today and tomorrow with a cold and upper respiratory infection. It's only mid-October. Ugh. I'd say the worst is behind us, but, we're not that lucky.