Monday, October 18, 2010


I promise I didn't walk around all weekend and take pictures.
I did take breaks to take kids to the bathroom.
Which means I took a break every flippin' 10 minutes.

I may exaggerate the actual, but I do not exaggerate the feeling.

that would be the only negative you'd ever hear me say or think about this weekend.
Our first camping trip was a HIT!!!!
and spending it with the Groggs could NOT have been easier, more fun, or just down right perfect!
Thank you're family rocks!

Our site:
us on the left, them on the right

 the view from our fire on day one
(day two we couldn't take the wind and moved to another fire pit!)

inside the tent.

more view:
(don't hate)

can anyone tell me what's wrong with this picture???

da menz:

set of identical twins #1:
(Camyrn on the left, Amber on the right)

 Jake starting dinner with our amazing view:

the cutest breakfast EVER.

 Nora keeping the fire going with Daddy

um....excuse me???

let's burn off some energy before we hike:

 the hike/ride:

I missed the 'we're taking a goofy picture, not a serious one' memo:

one beautiful child:

throw Sophie and Tyler, throw!

the ever-posed child:

Nora was excavating:

all the mommy's and daddy's.
(I feel the need to point out I am not shaped like that! I have a poofy vest on....I don't know why myself needed to say that?)

Amber and her amazing pig tails!!!
Samantha took this shot:

Mommy and Lydia!

someone had the brilliant idea to do smores around 3pm instead of 8pm.
brilliant, I say again!
better pictures, more time to burn the sugar off, warmer....brilliant.

(side note: Stacy brought Reese's peanut butter cups to put with the graham crackers and marshmallows and it was divine!  I'd never seen that and feel the need to share ;-)

 Stacy has figured it out.
I'm not sure what, but she has!
 run SOPHIE!!!!

 there was a lot 'o cooking going on this weekend:
(in one breakfast our families devoured two packages of sausage, two packages of bacon, a double batch of pancakes and 6 eggs!)

there were many many 'boo boos' but absolutely NO major injuries.
seven kids under seven and NO major injuries, stings, rashes, etc...

Sunday morning was Jake's 34th birthday!!!
here was his 'cake':

he was a happy happy man...

the stupid, ridiculous bath house (that was actually really clean and warm and well maintained...and Stacy and I can attest to every nook and cranny personally seeing as we spent about 30% of our weekend in there!!!!)

October 17th!!!
Jake's birthday!

having a punch out while gathering for family pictures ;-)

the Groggs:
Eric, Stacy, Camyrn, Amber and Tyler

all the identical twins with curly hair:

all the girls and the ONE boy....he did amazing!

seriously, we are already planning another!!!


Amy said...

#1 You look super skinny in that picture of you and Jake!

#2 You must have missed my blog post about smores with pb cups last fall. Um, yeah. Awesome. I'm not sure I can go back to just chocolate.

#3 You look way too cute to be camping, girl. Seriously.

Amy said...

#4 I love the running picture where Samantha is in mid-fall.

#5 LOVE your water drop shirt! :)

Missy said...

I think this is the most pictures you've EVER posted on a single post! It went all the way down to the bottom of your page! Ha ha, not that I'm complaining, I love me some Panter pictures.

And, Jake's cake is awesome, (well ya know, not for me personally, all things considered,) but I'm sure that's what every guy on the planet would choose for his cake. A MAN'S CAKE. MEAT! (said in my best man voice of course). :~)

Courtney said...

the funnest post i've read in a LONG time! loved it all! all the gorgeous pictures and people (especially YOU!)

yes on the pb cup smores. we can't go back.

LOVE your shirt ;-)

maybe WE could go camping?? since i camp now :-)

Stacy said...

Put them on a cd...I need them all!

Cooking with Phlip said...

Great pictures! What a blast. Where is this? Upload the pics to your Apple ME Gallery for all to share. If you use the right settings Stacy can upload hers and download yours. Um and so can we ;o)


Cassie said...

i love camping! i think it's the BEST family activity every created!! :)

you look amazing!!

and happy.