Monday, August 22, 2011

square tops

did you see these?

I dusted (with a pick axe) the cobwebs off my 1950's sewing machine this past weekend.

I have been reading her blog, my inner decorator and creative juices have been neglected for quite some time and by golly, I was gonna do it!

I got a little cocky.

three pillow covers later (patience, pictures later, they did turn out) and I was on a roll.

the tutorial for those square tops (which are so dang gum cute in HER pictures) looked like you only had to know how to sew in a straight line.

'cept I can't sew in a straight line.

I can sew a 'line'....but it ain't straight.

it has been WAY TOO MANY years.

so, I made four of them.
sort of.
I almost broke a window in our house because I 'lobbed' the cover to my bobbin across the room the 100th time it fell off.
I cursed a few times...well, as many times as my bobbin got tangled (I'm not in the mood to tell you how many times that was).
I cried.
I yelled.
My shoulders are more tense than they have been in years from leaning over that long.....

And now I know why people sew.
It's the same reason they bake bread, or take a self defense class, or buy a Pampered Chef Chopper.

It's all to get out aggression.

I was aggressive almost the whole time (from 11am this morning until 4:30pm this afternoon...don't laugh) but I feel so much better ok about it because I actually have four homemade (and totally hokey) shirts.


I had tossed around the idea of taking a break from running this week because my 'hip' problem isn't going away or even doing better and I'm desperate to heal but as soon as Jake got home, I was all suited up, ran out the door and didn't stop running until 3.5 miles later.

NOW I feel better.
(dear people who sew,
just go on a run and get it over with.
your friend,
Holly <><

p.s. I'm not saying I don't want to be able to sew like her, I'm just saying I don't know that my windows could withstand the heat)

The funniest part?
Before all this, I ordered 15 yards of fabric to make curtains and more pillow covers for the house.

it's ok though because you only have to know how to sew in a straight line for that stuff!

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Courtney said...

don't you remember that bobbins are from the devil ;-)

love your pillows and capes!!!