Tuesday, September 20, 2011

**hip update**

saw doctor yesterday.
wore my boxing gloves but she beat me to the punch.

I didn't get three words out before she ordered a double hip MRI.

this is what we needed people.

Saturday, Oct 1 - 8:30am I will be encapsulated.

stay tuned.
(well, if you give a flip anyway ;-)...you're still my friend if you don't)

I've been running on some days, no more than 3 miles.
Walking on other days.
barely moving on others.

I have really really good days and really horrible awful days.
not much in between.

the bad days are the same # but more intense.

ready to get this DONE.


Courtney said...

glad you have an appt.

Liza said...

Ah! I'm a terrible friend! I called you yesterday and forgot to even ask about this. SOO glad she gave you what you need, though. Saturday the 1st will be a big day, huh? :)

Missy said...

Eh hem...your post failed to do justice to the magnitude of just how big of a praise Jesus moment that was!! The fact that you didn't have to use your boxing gloves. The fact that she was proactive in getting you two MRI's without you having to grovel. And it's SOON!! BIG BIG BIG praise Jesus'!! This is what we've been praying for for the last 17 weeks. Now praying for CLEAR answers and direction with your MRI's. Nine more days!

And then you get to celebrate with some Les Mis'!!!

Johane Levesque said...

Saying a prayer that your apt. can identify the issues you're having and/or that you get full healing in your hip. My thumb is all screwed up, believe me, I know the frustration of the discomfort and loss of function of an important joint. You never realize how much you use the thumb on your non-dominant hand until it goes all screwy on you. :/

Amy said...

So glad you have an appt! Hoping you will get some answers and some relief soon!!