Saturday, September 24, 2011

one on one...

sometimes in my crazy days of just being AT HOME and Jake's crazy hours I crave adult time.

no need to elaborate there, pretty much EVERYONE who reads this knows exactly what I mean.

I do get to socialize quite a bit but it seems to typically be in a group, with 5 million kids around and everyone is feeling cooped up and has lots of stories and things they are trying to get out which means sometimes your own stories only get 1/2 shared or 1/4 of the way out your mouth before someone's chocolate milk spills all over the playground (just and example, of course!).

Thursday night was different.

I got to hang out with ONE girl.
and we talked for 4 hours.

she wrote about it.
it was perfect, what she said, so I'm just cutting and pasting here ('cept I inserted her name a few times ;-)

i don't have a picture.
i'm so SAD i don't have a picture.
but the mental picture is my {very tired} brain.
and that's going to have to be enough.

i had a dream date last night.
with a girl.
weird to call it a date? with a girl?
yes...but it just seems appropriate.

it was JUST what i needed.
4 hours with courtney
we ran 3 miles.
then went and got frozen yogurt with toppings.
PERFECT combo of "things we did!"

then we sat and talked for a couple hours outside in 75 degree weather at a town center.
people walking all around.
yet, we were in our own world.

we talked and laughed and listened and shared. sometimes talking over each other because there was just so much to SAY!

then i drove her back to her car and we sat in the car and talked for another 45 minutes.

it made for a late night.
and my alarm didn't go off this morning and pat left early for work.
i woke up at 7:12 am - and the kids had to be at school at 7:30 am!
somehow they made it.

(and Holly's side of the story included a 1.5 hr drive home because Northern Virginia believes in traffic, even if it IS midnight....I got in bed at 2am)

i feel VERY tired today. very.
but it was worth it. every minute.

because i also feel SO full...thank you, courtney.

it was a dream date!

{WHY didn't we take a picture when we were sitting there?? ugh.}

really, thank you Courtney.

What Courtney didn't mention was that although she talked some I had serious spillage of the mouth...and I've never felt more ok with it than than night.  weird?
no, it was just right, for both of us!
I think after you adopt two kids from Africa everyone want YOU to talk and I had a lot of words to share 'cause I haven't adopted two kids from was perfect ;-)


Courtney said...

it was totally perfect. JUST what i needed!


Missy said...

So glad you had that time to share with Courtney!

Amy said...

So happy for you both! (But a little jealous, too!) :)