Thursday, September 1, 2011

school - T-minus five days and counting!

been workin' like a mad woman on the room and on the plan....

 (room is soooo not done...still working...big weekend planned for this room and house stuff!)

list of this years resources:
(they are all away!)

Bible - 
reading through the Bible using
we did Old Testament last year and we'll New Testament this year.
it is a Children's Bible but it still 'brings it'!  Not 'fluffed' up.
great discussion questions in back, if we even need's the Bible ya know so it lends itself to it's own discussion most of the time
I use these coloring books and another set of coloring books I found at Dollar Tree to go along with whatever story we're reading.
I will never be fancy in this will be simple and stay simple.
Just like it should be.

I imagine we'll just keep reading through the Bible over and over...moving on from the Children's version whenever appropriate and maybe moving through different translations, just for fun.

Reading - 
been using this for a few years.
it's phonics based, I think I'm learning more than they are, but it's working for them too ;-)
I read this book first, then went to the above mentioned. Same system/approach.
It's called the Spalding Method.

Everyone will get 15 min's of out loud to mommy time Monday-Thursday and Friday if we're feelin' it.
I will read out loud for Bible, History and Science on the appropriate days.

Writing - 
We go with
all the girls have their appropriate level of book.
They use scripture to teach handwriting...I kinda like that.
we used them last year and LOVED them.

To mix it up and tie it in with History/Art we are also using the

Math - 
don't even look elsewhere.
no need.
just do this one.
we LOVE it.
I have all different types of learners and they all love it!
We have the Kindergarten through Second Grade and love them all.
it has continuity, repetition (just the right amount, not that ridiculous stupid amount) and games!
and my girls love themselves some math!

Science - 
we have done one week of this and I've previewed almost every other week (it was GOOD, I couldn't stop!) and we are in love.
You buy the one set of books, do them now and then do them again later (like 4th grade I think) reading more of them and doing the harder activities.
I like that!
The experiments/activities are so fun and really helpful.
The info and pictures are great.
Incredible but not overwhelming list of resources to go with each book in back of teacher manual.
Love that.
I can do small lists of 'other resources'.

History - 
between the lists in this book:
it's a big 'ol book of lists of things a person should know about....everything.
history, science, math, grammar, etc... fun book! highly recommend. it's not exhaustive, there's no way it could be, but it's a great resource for any teacher or parent, home school or not!

and this book:

the library.

some other random lists of important historical figures from old A Beka textbooks.
(hee hee.. I don't think we'll actually use the textbooks all that much, but I love the list of people they chose to move through American History!)


we are going to tackle American history.
the discovery of our nation.
who was already here.
the founding of our nation.
what happened to the people who were already here.
Civil War.
Revolutionary War.
and so on...

our approach here will be to focus on real people.
biographies/picture books/discussion
and a few projects, crafts, etc..

We will be using the Book of Time to fill in when those people lived.
They will be allowed to use the bottom 1/2 of the page until they are in 6th grade (or about that time) and then we'll start repeating the stories with more depth, refilling in the time line on the top of the page.
we'll use drawings, words and clippings to fill it all in!
should be fun.
we'll see, this is a new plan so I'll keep us posted.
I have been told more than once that I'm crazy for going this route...I'll keep us posted on that too.
'cept we already know I'm crazy so that won't be much of a post will it!?

Spanish - 
we are on Box 2
Go. Order. Now.
He gives military discounts if that applies to you, so just let him know you are military.
I'm warning you now, it's hokie.
but hokie works so hokie it is.

Art - 
besides the occasional random and seasonal craft we will be tackling:
for Lydia and Samantha
for Nora and Sophie
We've done a few lessons from them over the summer and we like.
not sure we love yet, but we do like.

and then there's the random stuff that we'll hit every once in a while.
they all have blank calendars we'll be filling in as we go.
I want to do a little poster/art project on the 5 elements.
I've got some fun poetry stuff rattling around.
field trips.
memorization. (scripture, poems, monologues)
a Co-op that will meet every other week.
(oh, was that last one not 'school' related? oops! sorry.
after typing this all out I had the sudden urge to go get me a big 'ol cup!)

Execution - 

Actually, the truth is I'M SO EXCITED!!!
I love doing my own thing.
I didn't go with a curriculum that was put together for me.
I went with what worked for us...

Each Sunday night I'll make the plan for the week and write out each girls daily projection on their own paper.
(I made up a little sheet on Pages that will speed this process along)

I'll have another book I write in daily of what actually happened.
I can throw away the projections leaving no path of guilt to trip us up!

Each girl has a Trapper Keeper thing with a folder for each day and all their workbooks I can't tear out of.
On Sunday I'll copy everything I need to copy, tear out work sheets, gather supplies for everything and stuff it all in the appropriate Trapper Keeper.

Jake can open them up and do it with them.
I can open them up and do it with them.
They can open them up and do it on their own.
I will be easy to work ahead and easy to catch up.
It will all be self-explanatory!

Bible, everyday.
Reading, everyday.
Writing, everyday.
Math, everyday Lydia and Samantha, Monday-Wed Nora and Sophie.
Science, Mon/Wed/Fri.
History, Tues/Thurs.
Spanish, Mon/Wed/Fri.
Art, Tues/Thurs.
Random stuff, well, it's random, I have an 'other' category for each day and I'm allowed to fill it or leave it blank, because it's random and it's supposed to be random.
Co-Op, every other Thursday afternoon
Dance, Friday afternoon
Soccer, Wednesday afternoon
Coffee, everyday.

phew...are you still reading!?

well obviously, if you are, you're totally enjoying this (and you need a girls night OUT! guys...) but I've got to stop.
We're on our way to Co-Op's kick off picnic and if I'm going to get socks, Birkenstocks and my denim skirt on..I need to hurry...oh...and I haven't ground the grain for the bread for the sandwiches yet...dang, we might be late...oh, but that's ok, because all home-schoolers are, right?!
a little home-school humor for the day.

ok...really, I do need to hurry, especially if I'm going to give Subway enough time to make our sandwiches for us...'cause I ain't grindin' no wheat!


The AB club said...

Holly, do you know if any of the Draw, Write, Now books include cursive writing. I tried looking on Amazon but couldn't tell for sure.

Missy said...

If I ever, ever EVER catch you sporting socks, Birkenstocks and an ankle length jean skirt...there will be an intervention! Just say NO!

i'm beccy. said...

:o). I am redoing our school room right now, too! Love the update. BTW you should totally make that your halloween costume. :o). I still appreciate you helping me find someplace to start from a couple years back. I am having so much fun and using very little curriculum now, and more importantly the boys are loving learning. Thanks!

charlaruwe said...

We decided to pull Megan out of public school this year and homeschool her for 2nd grade. I should've talked to you when I was picking out curriculum. We've had school for one week and I am not impressed with some of the stuff I bought! We decided to homeschool at the last minute, so we didn't have much time to look at curriculum/ ask around. I kind of asked a few people what they used and went with it. I will know more for next year! Thanks for giving me some ideas!

Stacy said...

Tugging at my heart strings girl. You or God....hmmm...interesting. Xoxo.

Mandy said...

thank you! excited to look more into all of those links! you are an inspiration!

Amy said...

No homeschool questions for you. :) But I do want to know where you got those awesome green chairs!!

Amy said...

And I LOVE the I <3 U print! (I think that's how people make hearts on FB and blogs??)