Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jamestown or Bust!

technically, on Thursday, it was Yorktown or Bust!
because when your field trip is THAT close to heart friends, you stop THERE first!

Thanks Liz (and Todd and Claire and Grace) -
it was a beautiful visit!!!
we'll be back very very soon!!!

Lydia, Sophie, Claire, Grace, Samantha, Nora...
 oh my Nora, what did she say!?
 Ms. Liz is cool. My kids said so. She bought them glow in the dark glasses.

Friday was officially
Jamestown or BUST!
and we made it!
and it didn't disappoint.
that place rocks.
you are allowed and overly encouraged to TOUCH everything!
every. thing.

even the beds.
even though, according to Sophie, they stink:

 we stayed in the Indian village for a very. long. long. time.
I didn't make them listen to any demonstration or boring movie or tell them what to do.
we'd spent a month on 'information', they were good.
they role played the entire time we were there.

(and sometimes their information was more correct than the tour guides!!!! what's with that!?
on that note...there are a lot of disputed 'facts' about this time in history...the Indians had no written history and not many English men were writing it down, which leads to some odd conclusions.)

 odd conclusions or not, the village was a huge hit with four little girls I know:

 scraping hair off deer skin...ew!


on to the ships.
very. very. fun.
we spent a lot of time here too!!

 Nora, showing us the beds...

 (we did go to the fort/colony but it was raining and I didn't want to pull my camera out ;-) it was good too but again, odd 'facts' given as 'facts' so we moved quickly!)

when we were done with Jamestown:

 there is a ferry (called Pocahontas) that runs between a large water way there.
it's one you drive onto and once it's going you can get out and walk around, it's free, it's an 18 min ride, the seagulls are the entertainment (they were AWESOME!) and it was a hugemongo hit!
very fun part:
 up on the second deck of the ferry:

filling our tummies with warm soup from a homey cafe on the other side of the water from Jamestown.
Crab Soup with Sherry and soup I've ever had in a restaurant (like, wow!) !!

we filled our tummies and headed home, very thankful for SUCH an awesome trip.
(it was a girl trip, no boys allowed)
love me some Panter ladies!


Kimberly said...

We used to LOVE Jamestown! Isn't the drive up there just lovely? The river is breathtaking! (We used to live in Va Beach). One day when my kids were much younger, I stopped them in the middle of a lesson about Jamestown, and said..."PILE IN THE CAR, NOW!" I took their textbooks, and we just WENT. Read the rest of the lesson ABOUT the boats the colonists arrived on...ON one of those boats!(A reproduction, anyways)That was COOL!
Glad you had such a nice trip! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

(We miss those ferry rides! Those were great too!) Bringing back wonderful memories there! The Currituck Ferry was one of our faves...

Liz W. said...

yeah! sounds like the perfect combination of fun, educational & exhausting.

Missy said...

Miss Liz is pretty darn cool. My girls agree. Looks like such a fun time! Glad your girls got to see first hand what they've been studying!

Courtney said...

looked so perfect!
and your pictures are GREAT!!!