Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday bullets.

*first photo shoots worth of editing done.

*I had a bad 'mommy' day...just missed the mark.

*I have been swimming at night and I'm ok with it but miss the ease of throwing on sneakers and running around the neighborhood.

*the girls and I are wrapping up our Pocahontas/John Smith/Jamestown Colony study with a quick overnight trip to Jamestown tomorrow and after my bad mommy day I'm really excited to just BE with them and have fun.  I had planned to bring school stuff along to do in the car but decided to just let it be fun and bonding instead.  I love they know that!? *sigh*

*we get to stay with buddy...and I am needing the comfort of a good friend so it's perfect!

*I went to part of a meeting today. I don't do meetings.  I'm good at planning and executing but not with a group (sometimes I can be good, most times I'm an independent girl though).  So SO thankful for what I get to be as a mom.

*Still studying Job. Had to get a Bible study though, it was killin' me. WAY better with the study. NOW I'm diggin' him.  There are just some books of the Bible that insight from other scholars is so important (not necessary but good).  Not sure I want to recommend this study quite yet....discovered yesterday it's written from some doctrinal positions I think are whack.

sometimes I like to read whack...affirms my own 'whack'.

*dinner plan: Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Homemade Rolls on the side. Yum.
*actual dinner: homemade rolls with carrot sticks, ranch and yogurt.  no butter on the rolls, there wasn't any to put on them. missed the mark with that one too.

*how about a bullet with pictures!?

Yes, Samantha is weird and we love her for it.
Everyone needs a Samantha.
(and she might be weird but she forgives her mommy like nobody else can...)

NO, this is not a normal face, she is doing this to be funny.
is it working?

(and WHO is that very old looking blonde in the background!? she looks so BIG and GROWN UP lately! *ache*)

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Erika C. said...

Samantha in that poncho made my them!