Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The best way to spend Veteran's Day....

....is to escape out of town with your own personal Veteran.
And I would know this from experience.

Some amazing people drove up into our driveways on Friday afternoon, complete with their imaginary super hero capes, rescued us, and sent us away on a two night get-a-way all the way to Baltimore 
(that was a joke, Baltimore is 1 hour away, I didn't know that before I moved here, now you and me both know...you're welcome)

but, one hour away was ALL it took.

we stayed at the 1840's Carollton Bed & Breakfast
(tacky, but I totally lifted the pictures of our room off the website...forgive me)

and it actually looked like that!

gourmet breakfast delivered both mornings.

here it is. gone.

the pictures from the trip are sad because, for the most part, I put the camera down and just soaked up being with pure Jake.

There are some really cool, really cute places to just walk around, shop and eat in the harbor area.
We never made it out of Little Italy and Fells Point.
There was no need.

I'm sure there are great historical things and I know there's an amazing aquarium and lots of touristy stuff, but we ditched it all to just relax and connect.
It worked.

Our get away refreshed us, connected us and relaxed us.

The girls had an absolutely amazing time.
It's Tuesday and they are still talking about their favorite people, Mr. Johnathan and Ms. Liza.
Leaf pile jumping, pizza, movie, playground, cinnamon rolls, donuts, painting fingernails,  playing baby, wrestling, dance, games....
and two pages full of amazing Panter girls quotes when we got home.

Having people like this in your life leaves me speechless....


Mom B said...

What a lovely place! So glad you had a little R&R!

Courtney said...

sounds perfect! for everyone! what a gift! yay for connecting over and over!

Missy said...

Ooo la la!!! That is one heck of a bed and breakfast! Holy cow! So plush and dreamy. So glad you got to spend that time away with Jake. You both deserved some alone time and thrilled that Liza and Jonathan are so dear and came to love on the girls for you. They rock. Big time. Can't wait to meet her!