Thursday, November 3, 2011

did you know it 'snowed' here the other day?

well...if you call this 'snow' anyway.
which they did.
they even managed to sled/slip down the hill a few times.


Missy said...

All I've got to that you've been out of Nebraska way too long friend. Snow pants and boots for a dusting?! used to go out in flip flops in that.

Don't be turnin' those girls into some cold weather wusses now. :~)

Courtney said...

ha! as i headed out the door for a run that morning, the kids were all, "we need our boots and gloves and...!!!!" and i said, 'NO WAY!" i'm NOT dragging all that stuff out in OCTOBER! they still went out in it...but not for long :-)

EM said...

that is the same kind of snow we got here. I am still wearing my flip flops, I will until I give birth sometime at the beginning of Dec. but I dragged out the kids winter gear because I didn't want to have to do it in any more of a rotund condition than I already am in! As it was I was weezing while trying to bend over and put away gloves and hats!! I actually hope that is the only kind of snow we see until at least... Jan? A girl can hope right!