Tuesday, November 22, 2011

plugging along...

pluggin' along

still not having the greatest week
just down and discouraged on a couple of key fronts
not good for the mood

kids are good but I want it to be better around here

less selfish on my part

My prayer this week is that I become less so He becomes more....

same song,
different verse.

my *big* appointment for my hips is today.
I'll be seeing a Sports Medicine doctor.
nervous about what they'll say.

I actually made a cake yesterday...been a while.
felt good to be doing that again!
my girls all wanted brownies for their birthdays so there were no cakes there :-)

It was made for the official adoption day of the little baby girl I got to plan a baby shower for back in May - adoptions take forever...it's crazy!
and I totally stole the design from Pinterest....but I'm not gonna show you the inspiration 'cause it would make mine look baaaaad....

Hosting close to (about?) 20 people here for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday,
best friend rolls in to town late Sunday night, the Nutcracker Sunday afternoon, Breaking Dawn/Dream girls night out on Monday....

My 'light' at the end of the tunnel is coming - I can see it.

picture from a trip to the American Indian Museum last week - the one where we almost died going back for a beanie baby - this would have been the last picture taken of us all.
it would have been ok for the newspaper I think....
(please excuse my whining....we are all great, no real worries, just a little poopy, that's all)


Erika C. said...

Your hair looks really pretty in that picture!! :)

KB said...

yeah, I was gonna say how beautiful you look in that pic!

Sherilyn said...

Glad this is NOT the last picture!! Haven't checked in for awhile. Looks like you have been BUSY!! Sending lots of Nebraska love your way!!

Tisha said...

Your cake is gorgeous! As is your "last" picture!

Liz W. said...

I'm with everyone else! you look HOT!! and that cake looks DELISH!!

Courtney said...

your hair looks FUN in this picture!

Mache said...

I really like the cake, maybe a christmas project for me.
And yes everyone is right your hair look amazing.