Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

(I'm here. We are alive. We are great. Busy and great. Updating one thing at a time to catch up!)

Johnathan and Liza came early to help cook.
Johnathan actually made the turkey at their house and brought it over...
I'm do. not. like that part of making the meal!!!
He LOVES it.
Perfect situation.

 just a teensie bit of fun!
last minute center pieces
 kids table:
 "Thankful For" board

 great dinner time conversation!
 great company!
 the kids and their buddies..
 Johnathan, Liza and THE Thanksgiving platter (that we gave them for their wedding!)
 the Miners. ;-)
 Shawn, Silva and Gordon
 Johnathan's usual predicament:

lots o' food.
little bit o' Mafia.
plenty of Thankfulness.
a whole bunch of really amazing friends.
practically perfect!


Liza said...


Thank you :)

Courtney said...

nora and sophie look so OLD in that last pic!

Naomi Haverland- Artist and whatnot said...

I'm thankful for Tim Tebow too.