Tuesday, November 8, 2011

two more famliy photo shoots from this weekend...

really....doing all these famliy photo shoots is making me all teary eyed about how beautiful the plan of 'family' is that God thought of.
it's really really beautiful and I am getting to capture it in an art form!!!

I'm still free - I'm thinking about only doing 6 months for free instead of 1 yr...we'll see.
I'm still learning and I still don't feel like a professional.
There is SO much I want to learn!!!!
And there's not enough time to learn it!!!!!

aren't those locations dreamy!?
if you're local the first place is:
Green Springs Gardens and the second place (amazing!!!) is Huntley Meadows Park (it's a natural preserved wetland)

Jake and I are headed out for a mommy and daddy get away this weekend while some friends watch the girls.
Between prep for that, editing these pictures in time for Christmas card orders and schooling the girls... I won't be on here much!!!

Maybe a picture here or two...again, we'll see.
(do you like how commital I'm being today?)

1 comment:

Courtney said...

you are learning a LOT! all your pics look amazing! the posed ones AND the candid ones!

have FUN this weekend!!!