Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Party Extravaganza

#1 - 
Thursday:Co-Op Party

it was a blast.
my job was to walk around and take pictures - um...YES PLEASE! I got THE best job!
I took over 550 pictures in three hours. LOVE.
Oh, and I haven't been to a real potluck in YEARS.......

 no, that is not a ping pong. it's a snow ball. duh.
 apparently the co-op is now Jewish.  whatev'!
 siblings got to shop for siblings from other siblings junk....genius I tell ya!

 I miss working with highschoolers so much.....our co-op rocks....literally, they have a band...and they're like, good.

 'em are some cute kids.
(Nora: polka dots)

#2 -
Friday:Salt Dough/Nativity making Christmas Party at our house

almost everyone had an awesome time....
oh Leia...I'm trying REALLY hard to feel sorry for you but....

#3 - 
Friday night:Jake's Work Party

the BEST work party we have ever been too, hands down.
great table seating.
incredible game.
great location and food.
like, "we didn't even leave early" kind of good.

do you know what I love about a room full of military people and playing a game?
I'm not the only twisted, overly competitive person in the room.  I'm with my people.

out of 40 tables, OUR TABLE WON. Thank you very much.
I might be among 'my people' but I'm still gonna win ;-).

That would be Jake's boot in her hand.  All part of the game but let me just say, everyone needs to bring a Texan with them where ever they go, one never knows when one is going to need a boot.

(and always have a mommy at your table if you play a 'purse' rummaging game - you will win.)

Jake's bosses and their wives.
Really, really great people.
Some of the best Jake has ever worked with/for.

now for the important stuff:
I used this tutorial for my eyes and loved it (hard to see in these pictures but it was pretty - I used a gel)
I used the sock bun technique for my hair - it was so pretty - one of my fav' up do's I've ever wish I'd have gotten a better picture!
And yes, this is the same dress I wore to the theatre, lot's o' compliments, so glad I could use my $15 dress twice ;-).
Jewelry - antique store in Omaha - bought them for another formal, have used them for four formals now!
And I love it that Jake is wearing a green tie! Together we were uber Christmasy.

I wasn't kidding about the extravaganza, was I!?


KB said...

ok, stunning! You are positively beautiful!

Amber Trejo said...

I love all the pics! You look gorgeous, Holly. I'm also a fan of the multiple posts today. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning getting to read all of those!

Missy said...

Geesh! Where to start! Glad you just blogged them all at once instead of giving up on the whole blogging process. You woulda totally gotten hate mail. :~)

#1-love the photos of the kids in the band! Those rock!
#2-Jesus was Jewish so it works!
#3-I have left over salt dough that I'm gonna use to make those nativity thingies! Love those. And the edible ones in the top post.
#4-you totally rocked that sock bun! Looks SO good on the side! Wish my hair was long enough to do that. Shoot, wish I had enough hair period to do that! I don't think it would even cover the sock at this point! Oh...that just made me sad...moving on. :~)
#5-Love you guys!

Courtney said...

wow. i'm tired :-)

EM said...

Wowy wow wow! Hottie!
Gonna check out the sock bun now.