Tuesday, December 13, 2011

hey! those aren't your kids!!!

they aren't.
but aren't they cute?

and where are MY kids!?

kid swap.

I had these two cuties.
My cuties were with someone else and the someone else's were with these kid's mama.


It was the middle mama's idea (Crystal!).

"Let's swap kids, make Christmas presents for the mama's and then swap back"


will be doing this every year, no matter where we are.

I can't let on to what our project was in case this mama looks on here.
(but, let me just say, it was awesome and the kids totally rocked IT!!!)

what a fun afternoon Savvy and Chasers!!!!
 yes, that is a 7 yr old with my $$ camera ;-).

(my kids had a BLAST. so much fun that I've almost put together all the NOT SO HIDDEN clues about they made ;-)

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Mache said...

What a great idea, love it.