Monday, January 9, 2012

adults just bein' kids in Texas

so...I was looking through the pictures trying to find all the random adult only pictures and it was almost impossible.
which I love.
because it shows exactly how much this family LOVES kids.
every single one of Jake's family members are mesmerized by children -
HUGE huge huge blessing.
it's what makes these trips so incredible for our kids!
not only are they family but they adore our most precious treasures.....

 (and there's another little precious treasure coming in May courtesy of this lovely gal!!!! we are sooooo excited!!!!)

Grandpa telling his awesome stories....Jake comes by his story telling abilities by watching this guy his whole life.

 this is 'Jared's Chair'.
which includes 'Jared's Lap'.
which was booked all week with kids.
love it!

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