Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Vontrap's,

You have been outsourced.
We have hired the Panter Clan to take your place.

Lydia and Abigail:
Nora and Sarah:
Sophie and Samantha (or whoever she was right then):
Kristen, our in-house entertainment:
Sophie and one of her namesakes, Mawmaw:

Pictured, Seth and Jake but all the brother's were singing.
It was very spiritual.
(I'm A Little Tea Pot)

Bustin' a move with Mandisa!!!
(we are almost as good...almost)
Amazing Grace with Uncle Jared.

My favorite part about this night was watching the kids nod off in people's laps.
So cute.

We wore the Karaoke machine out but weren't done yet....out came the guitar and hymn book (er...that hymn book sure looked like a laptop but whatev'!)
we may have had some fun....

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Courtney said...

wow. looked like a great (and a little exhausting??) trip!!