Monday, January 30, 2012


love it when a friend comes to visit for the whole day.

I feel like I 'got out'.

escaped life.

even though we didn't leave.

we did hit a Portuguese grocery store and stocked up for dinner.

it was amazing.

cooked together, talked, laughed, played.

the company, the hugs, the food.....the bond.

Love you Liz, Claire and Grace....


why can't you live across the street anymore again?

(my picture taking skills need some serious prodding in the rear! not ONE picture!!!???
what is my problem!?)


Liz W. said...

Thanks for putting up with us, and sorry for the aftermath of the Gracie tornado (who thankfully was asleep before we even passed IKEA).

We love you too!

Missy said...

Totally forgot Liz was coming yesterday! Ah! How fun, glad you both were able to "escape" together. :~) Love you both!