Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I kinda love this little girl...

I found her outside our house the other day flagging down cars like this:

and we brought her back in the house. sad. we live in a world where I can't let her do that. but, it didn't squash her.  now she is drawing pictures and wants to sell them to raise enough money to buy a house for the homeless guy we bought a sandwich for the other day.  the one who was scream the 'f' word at people when they walked by without giving him money.  oi'. I thought it was funny. no clue what his path has been. I figured he was just grumpy and needed a sandwich so that's what I did. Lydia dreams bigger.  challenging? uh...yeah.


Wanna Answer a Question with me?
I read it on another blog today and thought it would be fun to actually answer it with my peeps.

here it is:

"If you could talk to anyone who could help you get to your dream, who would it be?"
(no need to say what your dream is, but we're talking your BIG dream...the one you shove aside all the time...the one you think you're too old for...the impossible dream...that one. Ok, now answer)

My answer:
Linda Smith

(wow...that was scary just to type! don't leave me hangin'...type it even if you're scared!)


Courtney said...

first. i wish we lived next door. lydia and rebekah could REALLY move some mountains together! can you imagine??

second. didn't know who linda smith was. had to google her. got it.

third. i don't know! i need to come up with a dream first. that makes me sad. that i don't HAVE a dream. hmmm....

Liza said...

Michael Piriano (Director of National CASA) and Helen Keller (you didn't say they had to be living...)!

it would make me equally happy if I could help you meet Linda Smith :)

Naomi Haverland said...

Can my answer be God? If so, I guess that's my answer.

Naomi Haverland said...

I just googled "Linda Smith" and it said she's a British stand up comic. Is that the Linda Smith you're talking about?

Peyton said...

I love you. you are awesome.