Thursday, February 2, 2012


QUIZ time.
What do each of these mean in 'five year old' language?

petal girls

clock bracelet

and fire crumbs

and what does this mean in 'six year old' language?

I'm rank


Anonymous said...

petal girls= a tutu?
clock braclet= a watch
fire crumbs= ashes?
I'm rank= I would think stinky but will guess that they mean they are #1 or first?

let me know how I did :)

marvelous martha said...

petal girls - girls who have flower names?
clock bracelet - def a watch
fire crumbs - leftovers of something spicy
i'm rank - i am the boss.


Kevin Smith said...

Marvelous Martha is right. Six year child cried, I am the boss.

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