Thursday, April 5, 2012

busy beavers...

my kitchen smells like Falafel.

my bathroom smells like Ammonia and Vinegar.

the yard smells like spring.

my laundry room smells like clean clothes.

my bedroom smells like chocolate (there must be some Easter baskets hidden in there somewhere!).

my fridge smells like a Greek grocery store.

my vacuum needs a new bag so we won't talk about how it smells.

the recipe's for Gyro meat and Tzatziki Sauce are pinned and ready to assemble....
the to-do list for Friday and Saturday grows every few minutes....

Easter is fast approaching.
We are celebrating with 40 of our closest friends ;-).

Greek/Mediterranean is the food theme this year.
The party theme remains the same:

THE life affirming GOSPEL and life changing RESURRECTION of Jesus.


With each task accomplished, menu planned, person invited, floor scrubbed...I am in prayer.

Prayer that the message of the Resurrection isn't lost in good food or beautiful weather or cute little girls in cute little dresses or amazing friends.

Praying that the message DEVASTATES us. (yes, it's my new word...)

Praying that those who are coming to our party that don't know or understand this Jesus, get to see a glimpse of Him and that it leaves them begging for more.

I'm not a pusher...I don't push Jesus or try to 'sell' Jesus.
He sells Himself.
I just want to make sure He's out of my pocket so everyone can SEE Him.
If they just SEE Him, they will leave forever impressed.

I'm praying everyone who comes has a 'Moses on the mountain' moment.
That they see God and it dumbfounds them, shines on them and leaves them forever in love with Him.

ok....back to that ammonia, lamb, yard, praying, etc....


Courtney said...

love this post so much. love you. and am in prayer WITH you! (and can't wait to be at that party!!!)

Amy said...

I just want to make sure He's out of my pocket so everyone can SEE Him.

I love that! :)