Sunday, April 1, 2012

a chalkboard made for four, outdoors

and I didn't even get it on Pinterest!

1. 1 4x8 sheet of MDO, pre-primed, plywood - $35 Home Depot, Northern VA - which means it will be cheaper most everywhere else.  I have no idea what MDO means but someone said their husband said that MDO would be better for outdoor use...I saw 'pre-primed' and I was sold.

2. 1 whole quart of chalkboard paint - $10 Home Depot

3. 1 roller, 1 paint brush, 1 pan/pan liner (already had these)

4. A handsome daddy that knows how to work a drill and just happens to already have about 8 black screws.

5. Some cute little girls to get the job done! (just happened to have those too! no wonder this project was so easy!?)

step one:

 step two:

step three:
bat your eyes at daddy and tell him it's ready to be hung up.
(not pictured but very cute, trust me.)

step four:

me thinks this little corner of our yard will get some traffic this summer!

I did a bunch of googling on this puppy.
Lot's 'o people have gone before us.
Pretty much everyone used regular 'ol chalkboard paint and they all say their boards are holding up great.
I'll let ya know how ours does.

It's under a little bit of a lip here so it might have an advantage but still, I'll keep ya posted.

Most people hung them on their fences - we don't have one.
Northern VA doesn't believe in them.
So. The Shed it is.
No one's complainin''s in the shade!

Go make you one!


Missy said...

Whoa!! I love it! And...I had no idea you had the big ole shed in your yard! Not sure where I've been all these years, but I've never seen that thing! Very.cute!

Erika C. said...

Love it! It's soo cool!