Tuesday, April 17, 2012

cool on steroids.

 that would be the Discovery Space Shuttle on top of a NASA airplane.
taken from MY camera!

maybe I'm the only one, but I thought it was COOL!

 the girls and I were on our way to the water front in Alexandria to meet some friends and watch this historic event when a maintenance guy from an office building (also on the water) invited us and a small group of people walking by to watch from the top of the building.
not an offer you say no to!
I asked if it was 'allowed' and he said, 'just be cool'.
be cool.
I can 'be cool'. 
I think?
(our new favorite maintenance 'guy')

and we were.
very very cool.
we had the best view in the house!!!!

(see that black dot just under the white line of the clouds? I wanted to get a picture with the shuttle and the girls in the same shot. It came MUCH closer and we could see it in great detail but as far as getting everyone in a picture 'with' it, this was all I had.)
 this was more what it looked like from where we stood:

 down there was where we were headed in the first place:

 but, we were blessed with UP HERE instead:
 we sure do know how to settle in somewhere fast...even if it is just a roof top!
 I'm not sure if the girls favorite part of the day was the space shuttle or the roof top?
(and not to be left out of the running were some super cute push up cake pops we scored at a new cupcake shop.)

no matter which 'wins' the cool contest (cupcakes, roof, shuttle or friends)
it was a blast!

so so neat.

cool on steroids.


Missy said...

You're not the only one!! I thought it was awesome! So glad we got there when we did. Love that we got to experience this...even if it was only for 2.5 minutes. :~)

Liza said...

This is AWESOME! So glad you and the girls got to see it!

Johnathan said it flew over Arlington right when he got to the gravesite for a full honors funeral (of an aviator!) and the flag was unfolded. He said it was as low as regular "flyovers" are at the cemetary, and loud! but definitely "cool on steroids" for him, too.

I was in the basement of the Family Court. Ha. But, I enjoyed your pictures of it!

Liz W. said...

absolutely amazing!! one in a lifetime shot!!

Courtney said...

SUPER cool!!!

Stacy said...

on mega steroids!! what a fun experience!

Bekah Boo said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO freakin sweet!!!
and love you all at the end all together.... you two beautiful mama's and your girls.
sweetness indeed.