Tuesday, April 10, 2012


* My hips hurt today...it's been a while. I LOVE that it's been a while. Why do they hurt today!???

* Did a family photo shoot on the National Mall last night - the most exhausting (physically) shoot I've done. Probably had something to do with the stupid car parking situation. grr....

*  Samantha still has a 103.? degree fever.  Drug all the kids into the doctor. Nothing. Just a virus.  Good. Sorta.

*  Went for a two mile run on Saturday.  Second Saturday in a row.  Still feel like I can do more but that is  all I'm letting myself do right now.  I really (except for today) have been feeling good....holding my breath.

*  Getting back into a school grove this morning wasn't as horrid as I made it out to be in my mind before we started.  We've been off for a week pretending to be traditional schoolers and taking a Spring break.

* Getting back into my Weight Watchers groove....got out of it there for a week or so. Not too terribly, but just a little.

* I love my kids.

* I love my husband.  He works a lot. I miss him.  New hours coming soon???

*  Looking for a couple of high school Seniors to 'practice' with - know any?  I'm free for them!

*  Reading this book.  It is like chewing raw meat and I am loving it.  Raises the bar for my pea brain, stirs passions I already have and is pushing me to my knees.

*  Read on the doctor's office wall that this little beauty is big enough to not have to use a booster seat anymore. THAT IS NOT OK.  It's just not, ok.
First her teeth just start falling out, then she starts reading everything in sight, she can do just about everything on her own.....and now no booster seat!?  I. don't. think. so.


Missy said...

No more car seat?! What?! NO!!!!! Sad!

Um, feel kinda bad that you drug them into the doctor after talking to me. But, glad that it's just a bug.

And, very pretty picture of Lydia. I like. :~)

Courtney said...

GORGEOUS picture of that girl!!!

SAD samantha is still sick! ugh.

and SO sad that your hips are hurting..but glad they are better overall??