Monday, May 7, 2012


heard of these before?
Digger Bees.
Ground Bees.
Stingless Bees.

me neither.

These are the times when I am convinced God has a 12 yr old boy's sense of humor.

1. Let me create bees....they will sting and people will get honey from them but they are dangerous.
2.  Just for fun I'll create some bees (just enough that a lot of people won't know what they are) that look just as gnarly as stinging bees so that I can watch as moms FREAK OUT
while their 5 year old twins stand in swarms of them, 'catching' them, capturing them and wearing them around their necks in containers.

very. funny. God.


you can't see it in this picture 'cause these girls LOVE their bug catchers so much that they get daily use but not necessarily daily cleanings so just trust me on this one:

Last night they had about 20 bees in this one container and today they dropped it down a little, I counted 12.

 Those bad boys (mostly girls) are LOUD.
that little container sounds like a machine.

weeby. geeby.
(but not as weeby geeby as seeing their little legs through the air holes trying to get out and watching as Nora and Sophie do 'tricks' with the legs to get the bees to drop back down)

according to wiki: they are generally large (up to 3 cm), very robust, hairy bees, with visibly protruding faces...The wings often appear disproportionately short compared to other bees, and their "buzz" is often a high-pitched whine

what I read:

these bees are nasty. huge. loud. and they eat your grass. kill them immediately.

what Nora and Sophie read:
YOU CAN PICK THEM UP! If you capture enough of them, they will fight each other and put on a good show in your catcher. GO GO GO!!!!

 there is something wrong with this picture, can you see it...them?
see those black little dots that look like dirt on the road? or the black dots on Sophie's pink shirt and little arm?
those aren't dirt or dots.
'em are swarming bees.
and they have my girls in a very happy place.

(you can see all their 'homes' in the grass...they look like ant mounds - minus the ants - add the bees)

weeby. geeby.


Liz W. said...

O.M.G. GROSS!!!!!!

Mache said...

I don't think I will be visiting you in the next couple of weeks, but Bella and Nikki would love to that with your girls, I would probably faint :)

Brandi said...

You just gave me the willies!

Courtney said...

wow. never heard of them. that's crazy!

Naomi Haverland said...

If you're a good mom, which I trust you are, you should be constantly emphasizing the fact that MOST bees DO sting. Otherwise they will have an unpleasant revelation some day. A child's instinct to generalize can be dangerous!