Wednesday, June 6, 2012

oh girl...

This picture sums up Samantha right now in a way that words will never come close to painting....
Talk about accountability!
Hard core stuff, man.

And oh how I need this in so many areas of my life right now.
I'm sure we all do.

Someone to stare down the water fall with us and shove us right in, laughing with joy all the while.

(UPDATE: That is not a sister!! That is a friend (Sydaliegh).  A sister would be hitting/shoving back.  There, now you know)


Missy said...

LOVE this!!! She's like, "Get.In.There!" Ha ha! Definitely Samantha. She's always been the girl pushing you down the waterfall laughing with you all the way down. I recommend framing this. Big. Truly. It will speak to your heart and remind you to "jump" and not hold back every time you see it.

(and with your permission I think I will too! )

Courtney said...

LOVE this picture!

i want to hear the words, too! :-)

Erika C. said...

Sisters! I LOVE this! I seriously miss ALL OF YOU PANTER GIRLS!!