Monday, June 25, 2012

shout out.

After Portrait Project, Father's Day,
a night away to the beach,
coming home to prep for out of town guests,
hosting the guests and a BBQ while the guests were here,

I got a day off today.

And I didn't even know it was coming until late Sunday night.

The girls have dance camp this week = 3 hrs
A friend offered to take them home from dance camp and have me pick them up later = 3 hrs.

That was six hours.
(reminder: we homeschool.....this is like pure gold to me)

I had a to-do list twice that size, at least.

I told it NO.

I went to Yoga in the middle of the day and then got a pedicure.

That's a good day off when you're expecting it.
It's an AHmazing day off when it's unexpected and on the heels of so much excitement.

No one talked to me at Yoga and I had a quiet, Asian, older lady doing my feet....she didn't say a word, everything was communicated by hand motions.

It was beautiful!

Except, I came home to grab lunch and decided we will always have little kids in this house...the quiet in the house was not cool...not cool at all.

Boring is the word I'd go for, and I DO NOT like to be bored.

Day off = Ahmazing because the rest of my life is so full.

I like full.

I don't want 'life off'...just 'days off'.

Glad we figured that out and all it took was some exercise and a pedicure.

Lessons in life aren't exactly always taught in such a fluffy way.

Lord, maybe we could change that?
Anytime you need to tell me somethin' just set up a day off for me to do Yoga and get a pedicure...I'll be all ears!


Liza said...

Haha, good for you! Hope you enjoy all your free time during dance camp this week. And that God speaks to you through pedicures and yoga again soon :)

Courtney said...

i love that you told your list "no". i need to do that...