Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dayton/Huber Heights, OH Part of our trip

Children's Museum, Batman Premier, three nights of going to bed after 2am, baby shower, cookouts, video games, heart-to-hearts, dinner, poker and line dancing.
you read that right.
we took two pregnant women to a line dancing bar.
and we just may do it again, 'cause it was awesome. 

(we used to be these people's youth workers...we used to do Bible Study with we just play gambling games and go dancing with them. good times. good times.)

too much to do in life to be detailed with words right now.
feel like I'm saying that a lot, but it's just true.
our lives, for the next several years, are just going to have to go mostly wordless.
pictures I can do.
pictures we will do:

Jacob and Jacob

sophie - left, nora - kissing

Lydia and Lydia

some people go to the beach for their summer vacation.
we went to Huber Heights, OH because the beach has NOTHING on what these people have in our hearts.

seeing our Fight Family is always deep in our hearts special to us.
looking forward to eternity with that crew....yes, yes, I am.

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Liza said...

You wore your new orange dress to the club! I love it.