Friday, July 6, 2012

quote time

Lydia, stirring cookie dough:

Wow mommy, I'm getting stronger.
It must be because I've been holding onto God so much.

Samantha, watching Aladdin:

Oh mommy, this movie IS fake.
You can't go above the clouds on a carpet like that!

Conversation from last night:

Me: Sophie, can we please take a break from "The Mommy Game"?
(basically anything that comes out of their mouths that starts with "Mommy?" is part of "The Mommy Game" - sometimes this mommy just needs a break from the game)

Samantha: Mommy, how about YOU play "The Patience Game"?

Me: Samantha, how about we play the "I pop you upside the head Game?"

Samantha: *shoulder shrugs and eye rolls*

and there are 100's of these a week!!!
I'm so sad that I forget so many of them!

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