Thursday, September 6, 2012


the girls would like to know if you can handle some homeschool humor today?


oh good....

'cause it was our first day of CO-OP =

Me saying last night to Jake, "Geez, I don't know how people DO THIS every day!?"

translation: get all four kids ready, out the door, organized and ready for school, then head to work themselves.
translation: we don't have to be to Co-Op until 12pm and I teach a 1 hr art class for one of the hours and lead a prayer group the other hour. We are home by 3:15pm.
Three hours...and most people do that for many more hours a day.

Hats off to you.

Insert Jake shaking his head laughing at the irony of my statement.

Uh, that is a comment that homeschoolers get on a REGULAR basis..."I don't know how you do it"....irony? I was saying it about the opposite.  This is NOT ironic to a homeschooler however.

The dirty little homeschool secret is that it's actually EASIER to keep them all home.
(well...most days, ya know, just like anything else, there are bad days, I'm speaking about the bigger picture!)
((excuse my WAY over generalization...each child is so different and each family is even more different, there are MANY cases where it's NOT easier to keep them home, I'm do not have my head stuck in a hole, I'm just speaking about the general population))

more humor?
First Day of School Pictures.

we don't really stop doing school in the summer so I did:
First Day of Co-Op pictures.
I know.

and grades?
what are those?
totally overrated and completely socialist but ok, you want grades?
here ya go:

3rd? maybe? 4th possibly? 5th that's what some of her test scores say - who made those up anyway!?

 2nd? sure? 3rd? have you met her? 4th? there is not a box for this me.

 K? what is K anyway? 1st? that's what one of her books says. 2nd? uh....


first day of school may not come for us but every morning does.
and Co-Op most certainly comes every year, which is something to get a new outfit for...just sayin'....

(Lenora thought I said 'swim' .... it's just Lenora .... moving on)


Liz W. said...

some of the BEST back to school pictures I've seen

Missy said...

Ha ha ha!! Love Nora's swimming face!! What a crack up! All the ones you posted on FB she was doing it too! Love all those girls!

How did first day of art class go????

Erika C. said...

Sooo please tell me who these girls are?? Because those faces are NOT the ones who were here in July!! They look soo much older!!

But, anyways, LOVE these pictures... so fun! Nathan just died laughing when I showed him Norah's swiming face!

Courtney said...

you're hysterical. they are BEAUTIFUL!