Tuesday, October 23, 2012

close one.

Lydia came up and put this close to my face the other day, announcing that she made it for our Christmas tree 

(no, it's not, she's just very ready because Jake has this thing with listening to Christmas music every year starting around September, I can usually fend him off until October but then it's a lost cause - digressing...)

So, usually, no matter what the girls bring to me, if they made it, I tell them how cool it is.
I can always find something I honestly am proud of.

This one though? This one was almost a mommy FAIL. 

She popped that thing in my face and I burst out with a loud 'HA!' - like someone had just told a joke.
It was quick.
I caught myself.
She didn't catch it.
But it. was. close.

I pulled myself together lickety split.
What was I THINKING! 
(I think she actually caught me so off guard that I wasn't actually thinking at all!)

It was a short loss of self control but it was a loss nonetheless.

I told her how much I loved that she was using things most other people wouldn't think to use and how much creativity that takes!


guard is back up now girls, bring on the Q-tip ornaments, mommy is done laughing at your projects.


Liza said...

Good recovery, Mama :)

Missy said...

Nice save.