Friday, October 19, 2012

growing up.

when did my kids stop playing pretend games with their friends to just sit on the couch and have actual conversations?
like, actual conversations.

I could not believe my eyes.
It was simultaneous cute and sad.
I didn't know whether to be proud or cry.
So, I took a picture.
....or three.

So, that was my reaction.

Samantha's reaction?

30 min's had gone by.
Asa and Lydia just shootin' the breeze, hangin' out talkin' homeschool shop.

Samantha comes bounding down the stairs and loudly inquires, 
"Lydia!? Are you in LOVE with Asa!?"

Lydia replies, with her best 'duh' voice, 
"NO! Or else I wouldn't be sitting on this couch with him!"


oh my.
we may need to work on Samantha's filter.
she has none.
at all.

1 comment:

Missy said...

Ah yes...I miss their great theological debates! Our girls would have some deep conversations. :~)