Thursday, October 25, 2012

they are not right...

 Lenora and Sophie at 1pm in the afternoon, school was done, lunch was done, chores were done:
Mommy, can we go outside and play?

What mommy caught them doing 30 min's later:

 and if that doesn't look weird to you, here's what it looked like from afar:

 and if that's not weird to you, here's what they were doing:

nerdy homeschool, bug catching, little girls.

I have no idea why they are like this!?
and I LOVE that they are the weird way they are.

I think, quite often, about how different they might be if I didn't have the opportunity to let them do things like, catch strange beetles and spiders for hours on end.
How different they might be if our mornings were me dropping them off somewhere else to learn.

I am not getting into comparison here about what is a better choice for families school-wise.
I hate that I can't write about how I feel about homeschooling sometimes for fear that I might tick someone off because they take something personally that wasn't theirs to take.
It's mine.
These are my feelings.
Homeschooling rocks.
My kids would be drastically different if our schooling choices were different and that makes me sad to think about because I LOVE who they are....I want to be able to say stuff like that without the thought that someone might be thinking "there's nothing wrong with my kids!" because I never said there was....

Is this my problem?
Yes, yes it is.
Welcome to my conflicted twisted head.
Just like people take personally something that wasn't theirs to take, I project others emotions on them, as if that's something I have the authority to do....

I just want to talk about homeschooling with the passion that I feel about it, without losing my traditional schooling friends.

WHERE is the middle ground?
Is there one?


Melanie Myatt said...

as someone who was once offended by what you said about schooling, i think that it makes a big difference to focus on what is wonderful about homeschooling for your kids as opposed to saying what is wrong about traditional schooling. i am so happy for you that homeschooling is working out well for you. when you describe your love of homeschooling and the benefits for your girls, then the guilt that i feel is my problem. when you say that traditional schooling across the country is damaging kids, then you are creating guilt for me that is not from me. i understand what you don't like about traditional schools, but at this point in our lives, i myself am excited about the opportunities that my kids have at our traditional schools. the one (1!) time that i was offended, you said specific things against traditional schools across the country. i love you very much, and i hope it is okay to tell you this, but i don't want you to experience guilt because of one time when i was offended. i will always feel guilty when i read other mom's blogs, but i recognize when that is coming from me and my own issues. i do not like it when other people tell me what i am choosing to do is wrong because of misinformation or because of their opinions. i work very hard not to tell people they are wrong for their choices, even if i have made other choices so i hope other moms will grant me the same grace and understanding. i love to hear about what your girls are learning and doing. i think they are phenomenal and you are doing such an amazing job teaching them while letting them become who God has created them to be. i hope that God will use my own meagre offering as a mother for the benefit of my kids and for his own glory, just as he has done for you and your incredible offering .

i am so glad that we can stay in touch through our blogs and i hope that if we ever find our way to the DC area, we can get together!

Courtney said...

i don't take offense.
i LOVE that you LOVE it and that you KNOW it's the right thing for your girls.

i just wish more people would do what THEY know is RIGHT for THEIR kids - no matter what others do or think or might think.

i want moms to be CONFIDENT and ACT on what is best for THEIR kids.

thanks for sharing!
i rejoice with you!!!

Charla Ruwe said...

I am so glad that we switched to homeschooling our children! I have seen such a difference in Megan since we pulled her out of public school. She has such an eagerness to learn. There is nothing this child will not pursue, homeschooling has done wonders for her! I agree with you, homeschooling rocks!
As for bugs, Courtney has some pet grasshoppers that have laid eggs twice now, so we are anxious to see what these will do. (Yes, nerdy homeschoolers!) She is also a big bug collector, but she would get along great with Nora and Sophie!
Here's out blog if you were interested in keeping up to date on our grasshopper babies.