Wednesday, November 7, 2012

and here we go again....

Caught word that we're headed to the other coast!!!

Jake is moving so we (the girls and I) decided we'd go with him - wouldn't want him to get lonely or anything!

Beale AFB near Sacramento, California....HERE WE COME!!!!

We'll be packing up and heading out that way mid-January.
We only found out last week.
Um...that's a quick one!

And we'll just pretend like we aren't flying to two different states for the upcoming big holidays or anything - even though we are.  So, there goes over two weeks of prep time....gone. goodbye. see ya later.  gone. (but for fun stuff, so it's ok?!)

If I'm just a tad sporadic on here, or spacey or stressed or weird...that's why.

Moving makes people be weird.
Moving when you were a military brat who married a military guy is even weirder.
You have almost no emotion left.

Makes for super awkward moments when you tell the friends that do have emotion left.
Super super awkward.
I wish I could fake would make the awkward not so awkward.

I'm not the only one like to any military brat (who had a good experience being one) and we are all weird like that.  I have to cling to that otherwise I feel like a stone cold jerk.

Fair warning.
I have done this before so maybe this time I won't be weird?

thinking out loud/random observation:
Hawaii (2 houses, I think?) to Alaska #1 - 3 yrs
Alaska (1 house) to Oregon #2 - 3 yrs
Oregon (2 houses) to Germany #3 - 3 yrs
Germany (2 houses, I think?) to Alabama #4 - 3 yrs
Alabama (1 house) to Texas #5 - 2 yrs
Texas (2 houses) to Colorado #6 - 3.5 yrs -
Colorado (1 house) to Oklahoma #7 - 1.5 yrs
Oklahoma  (1 house) to Ohio #8 - 3 yrs
Ohio (1 house) Nebraska #9 - 5 yrs
Nebraska (3 houses) to Virginia #10 - 3 yrs
.....drum roll please.....
Virginia (1 house) to California 11 - ? yrs

17 houses
10 large moves
2 continents
2 countries
Lots of mid-west, Southern and Easter coast -

Such an odd life...I always see the small purposes but I'd love to know what God was up to in the big picture with all of this!

Yes, we are excited.
TOTALLY STOKED DUDE! (just brushing up on my Cali' talk)
Jake is so excited and it's kind of a dream come true, we've been wanting this but had given up asking for joke.
The word/assignment came OUT OF NOWHERE, which means we know EXACTLY where it came from!
LOVE that.
Usually you have some sort of indication, or rumor, or know someone who knows someone who heard something or know there's a list coming out, etc....BUT NOT THIS TIME!  This time, God wanted the credit all to Himself.
It's Yours Lord!

(total side note, I just found out that California pays people to homeschool/charter school there...$1600 per me!?  come again!?)


Beckysblog said...

Um, we'll be moving there with you! PER CHILD!?!?!

And congrats. :)

Anonymous said...

9 hours and 20 min.
I think I can handle that!
Ginger :)

Liz W. said...

here are my most important question: how far will you be from Napa?? and will you be keeping the same guest bed?

Beckysblog said...

Oh sad...I being silly and in disbelief that they pay you!
However, I've always said I'd move anywhere and Jordan LOVE lets just keep the answer open.


Missy said...

Finally you've made this public!

Dude, again, you will love it. Had no clue that they paid you to homeschool,!!!!

And Napa, girl, you can go the Napa everybody else. Or, you can check out Paso Robles. We went there back in like 2003 I think, and it's awesome. Find a sitter and go to the festival for the weekend. Here is the link, just in case you want to start making plans now. :~)


Liza said...

Congratulations, friend :)

We are so happy for you guys and grateful for our time here together.

Don't feel awkward about the emotions thing. No judgment from this cry baby about how you feel or express it. Take the tears as a sign of LOVE for you and all the mixed emotions of seeing you go.

The Detloff Family said...

We loved our time in Cali, and we even made a quick up to Beale when the Travis uniform sales were out of a certain ribbon J needed for his uniform. Loved that it was out in the country, but yet so close to so many fun things! I don't envy your winter move however, best of luck in the coming weeks as you prepare for the moving invasion.

Courtney said...

even though i was a military brat, i still might cry. or i might not. my emotions are SUPER weird these days!

i'm so sad to leave you...but choosing to be THANKFUL for the time we had with you!!!

Erika C. said...

So pumped for you! Cannot wait to hear about your new adventures! Even though you will no longer be in driving distance... ummmm...

And for the record, of the list, OH was my favorite part! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeaahhhh!!!! I've never been to the west coast but here it is so beautiful!! I'm sure Andrew and I would love to visit again!


Tisha said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!! SOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Wowza. That's exciting. I've always wanted to live in sunny CA! And now that you tell me there is a $1600/student credit, I just might join you! :-)

Cooking with Phlip said...

Congratulations! You are now in State of NORCAL, that is like a different State than SOCAL. You will be very near some great skiing and fishing in one direction and San Fran (good for visiting only) and then to the coast and wine country!! 2 hours away. You are right smack in the middle of farming so fresh veggies everyday!!

Aimee said...

whoa...thats a days drive from Portland! may have to plan a road trip this summer! :)

Anonymous said...

Woohoooooo! I hope you *love* your time here in CA. Beale and its surrounding areas are pretty.

-Anonymous fan of your blog who was at Offutt for 5 years and is now back home in CA