Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 4 Meal Prep Post

this is it.
this is all you get.
because it's all we got.

we escaped town over the weekend and there was no time to do any sort of meal prep for the week.
but it's cool.
'cause as I have been prepping the last three weeks I've been doing an occasional double recipe and freezing it or only serving 1/2 the portion that one recipe makes and freezing the other 1/2.

weeks where we escape for the weekend I'm not left floundering on my kitchen floor like a dying fish every day at 5pm wondering what I did to deserve this lot in life that I MUST cook RIGHT now.

Hello Veg Chili in the crockpot tonight.
Potato Soup, Lentil Meatless Balls, Veg. Curry and Artichoke Dip with bread and veggies some other night this week.

(oh...and just in case you're marking this all down - if you are, we need to talk - we FINALLY got to 1/2 of the Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese last week...which means we are 1/2 way to having it off the menu, but not quite.)

the end.

and now I deserve some sort of medal.
I just posted about something consistent for four weeks in a row and I didn't even skip the week that I could have justifiably skipped.

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