Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Picture overload...

 ....because my kids are just all so cute I can't decide:

 Sophie in Red:
 Lenora in Black & White:

What it takes to get a family photo set up:

 and 4th time was a charm:

 the crew that stayed home from church:
right as we went to take pictures I noticed Samantha's eyes drooping to the floor and discovered she had a fever.
the poor girl.
it's just not her year.
She spent the entire day of Easter in our bed for the same reason.

the other three girls and I went to the Christmas Eve service, came home, we all enjoyed take-out Chinese and now we are cuddled up watching the Nativity Story together...but not before we opened the new that all of mommies pictures would match in the morning...

Earlier today we watched this.
Totally recommend for everyone, not just's sooooo good.
Explains all the Christmas traditions and why we celebrate the way we do.
LOVE it.

good night....


Amy said...

No leg from Jake in the final picture?? :)

Courtney said...

SUCH beautiful pictures! love jake's leg - ha!!

i hope samantha is better...was it short-lived?