Friday, December 14, 2012

trying not to skip Christmas

I have a lot of priorities right now.
Too many.
So many that whenever I'm focusing on one priority I'm thinking of all the other priorities I have and how I 'could be' doing 'such and such' or 'such and such'......

I always stop myself, sometimes right away, most times not.
It. will. all. get. done.
and if it doesn't, we still move to California and magically, it will all be fine.
I know this.
I've done this.
I have priorities.

One of them is to NOT skip Christmas.
For the girls, for the peace of our home, for the focus of what Christmas is to us....

We are not doing our normal amount of crafting or baking or activities but we WILL do some.
It's part of the season around here.

saw this on Pinterest.
Made a huge mess but was a quick clean up.
HUGE hit with the girls.
I thought they just looked messy but again, HUGE hit with the girls and their little friend's who'd joined us:

who knew!? upside down ice cream cones become Christmas trees with a ton of frosting and a even more sprinkles.

 Verdict? Samantha says they tasted gross....Lydia didn't think they tasted good...Sophie says Yea, I like 'em....Lenora says yeah? I liked 'em... BUT funny....everyone ate them???

Santa...on a fire truck?

 and...we are on year five with this same recipe....
Gingerbread Men/Trees/Stars
cross between a gingerbread and a sugar cookie = kids like it.
they are soft and fluffy but sturdy...the dough is great to work with!


 "This is SO fun!" - Sophie Ruth

"I know, every year we get better and better" - Lydia Rose

and those two little quotes were all it took for me know that at least that day, in that moment, I'd chosen the right priority to attend too.

I'm also on year five of only giving them one tray to decorate and keeping the other 7 or 8 trays to myself...I'm on year five of not feeling guilty about it either ;-)


Courtney said...

5 years - that's quite a tradition!!! i love that you do most of them!

Missy said...

What? They thought those trees were gross?! How can you go wrong with waffle cones and frosting?!

Love that you are still making time for this in the middle of all the moving crazy. You'll be happy you did!

Liz W. said...

I'm sorry to say this but....Lydia's cookie decorating is surpassing yours!! You need to give her 2 trays!