Monday, January 7, 2013


1.  I need prayer.
For my safety.

I sliced my thumb with a cheese grater the other day and showed you here.
It rendered my right hand useless for like a week.

I tripped over an iron pot in Texas giving me a 4-5 in. bruise on my shin and every time it brushes anything I get to experience severe pain.

Two days ago I fell down about 5 stairs.
I'd turned the shower off after one of the girls and apparently the bathroom floor was wet.
Wedges + Water + Stairs = another 5-6 in. bruise on my thigh.
One that when I roll over on it at night...WAKES ME UP.
One that hurts when I walk and when I sit.
I got my tail bone and upper arm on that fall too.

I'm not stressed or freaking out over the move (which starts THIS THURSDAY!!!) but I am starting to to be really worried about my physical safety.

So, it sounds funny, but I'm not actually trying to be funny....could you pray with me?
I'll be careful too but really, I'm gonna pray about it and if you have a second, please pray with me.

2.  I'm kidless for a few days/chunks of time this week.
Which means I get to do super awesome stuff like:
Bleach floors,
buy laundry soap,
pack a safe,
clean an oven,
clean under the fridge,
tear up my roots,

it's a regular disco over here.
don't be jealous.
it's a sin.

3.  My IPhone is freaking's freaking me out. (Translation....NOT THE RIGHT TIME YOU STUPID PHONE!!!!)

4.  Do you ever just want to eat instead of do your to do list?
There are so many things on my to do list that I just do not want to do.
SO, basically I convince myself I'm starving instead and I can't work if I'm hungry so I must stop and eat first.

5.  Besides eating I just want to stick my head in a book.  In the middle of this series right now and it's a pretty good escape from any sort of any reality.  Thank. you. very. much.

6. I think I know what house we want.
Pray with me about that too, k?
Pray that God will either leave the door wide open or slam it shut!
I so desperately want to be in the house He already has planned for us, I get nervous that I'll get in the way!

this, my friends is 'how' you move.
do what you need to do all the while resisting the urge to just sit, eat and read....

now you know.


Missy said...

What series?! I clicked on the link and there is a lot of book series on there! is it the first one? Girl, that first series sounds like some of the weird books you read! ha ha!

And funny about the cheese grater...a few days after you sliced your thumb...I too sliced my thumb on the cheese grater! But I was in such a hurry I wrapped it with a towel that quickly got soaked with blood and grated cheese with my other hand...and sliced my other thumb 2 minutes later! It was ugly! It's almost two weeks later and the skin is just now healing!

So, at least you're not alone. Well, at least with the cheese grater. Falling down the stairs and tripping over pots is all you. Will be praying you make it out of that home in one piece!

Bekah Boo said...

the two of you and your cheese graters crack me up.
praying protection over you!!!!

Stacy said...

praying. praying. praying.

Hey - I'm gonna have to eat your truffles. Sorry you never got them. Sis is making them again this week but you'll be gone. :O( I will send you a picture and description...will that help?

Amy said...

Oh my goodness.
Definitely thinking of you and sending up prayers.
And sorry, but you're "don't be jealous. it's a sin" seriously made me laugh out loud!