Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fairy Falls California

this was a first.
a five mile hike.
a first for our girls and a first for Violet.

I was pretty sure Violet would poop out and we'd have to cut the hike short.
But alas...the human girls pooped out before she did.
A little PB&J and everyone perked right back up.

IT IS SO PRETTY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 geez Violet, you be pretty girlfriend!
(and just wait 'til I show you who's joining our mob next week!!!!)

 (um...that's a WATERFALL...the tiny one of the hike...)

 bad picture. bad bad picture but just wanting to prove that we DID make it to the falls.
we DID.

did I say hike? yea. I meant CLIMB.
someone told us it was prettier to take the trail by the water.
they just happend to forget to mention that it also included going through barbed wire fences, over fallen trees and UP the sides of hills...straight up on a few occasions.
Still, we are so glad we listened!

 we have the most handsome pack mule around, see:

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Missy said...

Crazy!! We've hiked there...and I have pictures of that waterfall! Sans kids of course. :~) That picture of you looking down the hill was disorienting. Ah! Your girls are troopers. Glad you're getting out and seeing the beauty of it all.