Monday, February 18, 2013

well. that was weird.


We are not getting Maggie.

LONG dumb story short:

The dude needs to put her in a new home because he's not able to give her all the attention she needs.
We were an awesome fit for her, he even said so.  Many times.

He, point blank, told us we could have her...TWICE.

The second time was just yesterday.
He was coming to bring her that night.

He never showed up.

Jake called this morning and got a text, later in the day, saying we weren't being chosen.

There were some weird conditions he was putting on us getting the dog.
Things like 'visitation rights' words, not his... and all of the sudden, he wanted $ for her when he didn't at first.

We said we LOVED her and wanted her so bad but just didn't feel right about all of those things.

He didn't like that, it's his dog, he gets to choose.

He gets to choose but we are sad.

We know God had that covered though and so we move on...
We never told the girls she was ours for sure and have kept them up to date on all that is going on with her so when we told them she was going to go to another family, they just asked us what was for lunch.
(ok, they were a little sad but seriously, only a little.)

She was a blast while we had her and we are stoked to have had the time with her we did....

it's just a dog and God knows....

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Stacy said...

kind of like adoption....sometimes it doesn't work. guys are experiencing a parallel life this week! First failed adoptions...2nd trafficking. And you didn't think you'd be a dog person.