Friday, February 15, 2013


2 GIRLS!!!!!!

(be honest, how many of you just wet your pants thinking it was kids? heh heh.)
We promised the human girls we would adopt an adult dog when we got to California.
AN adult, small dog.

How we ended up with TWO medium sized dogs?
I. don't. want. to. talk. about. it.

I lost the battle, that's all I'm gonna say.

Actually, the only thing I'm upset about is actually loosing, not having two dogs.
Sore looser, happy dog owner ;-).

Meet Maggie:
(who I OF COURSE calls Mags...'cause Mags totally rocks...holla from all my Hunger Gamers?!)
A 3 yr old, super duper pretty, Border Collie who we found on a Border Collie Rescue website.
She was in a home where she was loved but just didn't get enough attention throughout the day.
Her owner, Mike, was amazing to her giving her soooo much love and training that we basically got a dream dog.  We. are. in. love.  This little girl is ridiculous.
Pure pure pure fun and brains.


Meet Violet:

A 7 yr old English Cream Golden Retriever.
(which I guess are very little Goldens?...or this breeder only breeds small ones? something like that?)

Who looks like a puppy and always will.
melt. my. heart.
We found her at a Golden Retriever Rescue Center 1 hour from our house.
She had been a mommy several times over at a puppy mill in the Southern Cal. area.
They got rid of her because she wasn't white enough.
She is very very very calm, she is super sweet with the girls and is figuring out EVERY. THING. right now.  She is used to being around 30-40 dogs outside all the time.
No training whatsoever.
The fact that she is this good with the girls is blowing our minds.
Her name was Johanna, but she didn't know that. 
(which I would have called her willingly because hello!? Hunger Games again!...but....I lost that battle too ;-) 
She is named after the youngest girl character in the Box Car Children.

It's been a crazy few days.
We also adopted a cat from a cat rescue/THRIFT STORE! but he 
(Benny, the youngest boy character in Box Car Children ;-) 
kinda ran away the day after we got him.
He's hangin' close to the house eating the food we put out and using his litter box, but other than that, we aren't sure where he's been??

oh well..we're kinda busy with these beauties right now anyway....

 Mags wiggles... a lot...I have a feeling that all group photos will look kinda like this:s

Maggie has to go back to her old home for the weekend to say goodbye so we might be lonely.
Violet has some healing to do from surgery and some figuring out to do so she basically just sits there....

We'll be ready to have Maggie back by Monday!!!

oh...and we have INTERNET now!!!!!!!!!!
woooo hooooo!!!!!!!


Liz W. said...

OMG!!!! 2 dogs, you are a BRAVE WOMAN! although I doubt that I could resist those cute faces. Enjoy pet ownership!

Tisha said...

Congratulations!! They are gorgeous!!

Missy said...

I will retract my exclamation pointed "When the heck are you gonna get email!?!?" question!!

Yay for internet.

And, I can't believe you have animals!! Since I have known you, you've never had animals....this is so weird! They will definitely not be starved for love in that house!

Funny, that you got a kinda golden retriever, because Marvelly has been asking for one for months! (I don't even know where she heard of a golden retriever...your girls maybe??) Can't wait to someday meet those ladies.

And holla for Mags!!! That name suits her perfectly, I can tell. :~)