Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy happy 'normal'

'We have been out-of-the-norm' since the end of November.
96 days of abnormal.
Thanksgiving hit and we had trip after trip after trip and then the move.
Jake didn't have to report for actual work until this week.

That's over three months of feeling like a fish flopping on the shore.
I'm not a good fish.
I cry, I fall apart, I make big deals about lamps when really, I'm just having a lonely moment, I'm super mature and godly...

In many ways it's been fantastic.
In more ways than not, that is for sure.

Getting up on time because I want to, sleeping in if we need to, going on a hike for fun, decorating our house, seeing this beautiful country from one coast to other, yoga, shopping, reading, kids discovering all there is to discover about their new house...and so on.

As fantastic as we all thought it was we have been craving schedule.
(no joke, the girls have been begging for more school...weird children)

From November 'til today it's been whatever the most urgent task was got attention.
Not a bad thing because none of the 'urgent taks' were any where near catastrophic or painful.

I'm anxious though.
Anxious for a schedule, anxious to know why we are here, anxious to figure out what life here looks like on a real day.

This week has been great.
For all of us.

We woke up, Jake went to a job he's excited about, the girls and I did school (we did this last week too but much more informally...like at 6pm at night on some days!) and then they did their 'thing' they do on 'normal' days.  I didn't know they'd keep doing this but after we do school....they disappear.
Like, totally.
I must scare them off or something.
"come near mommy today and she'll make you learn!!!! bu ah ha ha AH!!!!"

I love it.

And now on to why we are here.....what is God calling us to do in THIS city!?
Who needs to hear about him, who needs to be loved on, who needs a new coat, who needs a meal, where is it I will learn something about the nature of God I've never before experienced,
I know it's here.
It always is.
And it usually comes in the 'normal' flow of our day so...


But this is not normal.
Well, for the girls generation it is but for me it's wild!
In one day:

Lydia Facetimed with a friend in Virginia
and then all the girls Skyped with friends in Africa.
a new part of our 'normal' I guess?

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Missy said...

Yay for normal!! And skype dates! And I did a double take with Snora on the right...I thought she was wearing reindeer antlers at first, I was like, "what the heck?" But then I looked again. Never mind. Just your corner branches. :~)