Monday, March 25, 2013

scary nightmares and yummy daymares

I had a Nightmare last night.

#1 - I was pregnant
#2 - It was twins
#3 - They were fraternal this time, a girl and a boy, so we were excited to finally use our boy name we'd been wanting to use forever but we literally had NO girl names left.  The girl baby remained unnamed.
#4 - Three days after they were born I 'had' (hey, it was a nightmare) to take them on a women's retreat with our church


(in case you didn't know, I pretty much detest the average women's retreat and don't feel as though it is necessary to hide that, with a cherry on top!)

and now, for the Daymare:

Homemade Chicken Stock....from chicken feet:

say WHAT!!!!!!???
(oh yes Melissa, I did!)

We were at our local 'Organic/Local/Raw' food store and the girls spotted some packaged chicken feet.

They asked.
The price tag was $1.
I said yes, what the heck, let's get them AND THEN figure out what to do with them.

Apparently, people have been making knock-down-drag-out chicken stock from the GELATIN inside the bones of chicken feet...for centuries.  (Waste not want not?)



Oh...and did you know that Jello and marshmallows both have gelatin....that comes from animal bones...INSIDE THEM!!!!????



I used this recipe: How to Make Stock from Chicken Feet

Hands? Feet?  Human? Chicken?

 step #2 or #3 is to cut off their fingernails....NO JOKE.
(not gonna like, I may have gagged a few times!)

ready to extract me some gelatin baby!

My house smells amazing...just don't look on the stove or in the looks like an ax murderer has been here.

It worked and I may make this a regular practice - the stuff smells like no other stock I've ever made!

Women's Retreat.
Chicken feet.

weebie jeebies.


Beckysblog said...



i'm beccy. said...

You are one BRAVE woman!!!!!

Amy said...

That picture might just be the creepiest thing I've seen today. Or maybe this entire week. Or longer. So creepy.

Find the book, Tom, by Tomie dePaola. Your girls will get a kick out of it. And they'll probably want to buy more chicken feet. :)

Mandy said...

this is hysterical. i'm not sure which part i love more, the nightmare about the women's retreat or the fact that you used chicken feet for stock. i wish i could come to your house.

Stacy said...

I have completely skinned and cleaned a chicken...the head was already gone...but everything else was intact. But your picture of the feet...really did look like creepy people feet and it was more gross looking at it in pictures than actually doing it!!


Missy said...

My internet has been really slow and won't load any pictures on your I can't actually see the freaky chicken feet. Which, I think is for the best! After coming face to face with a chicken with his feet stuffed through the back of his head...I think I'm good on chicken body parts for a while. :~) At least you got a good smelling house out of it!

Missy said...

Isaak just fixed my computer. I can now see images. I came back to your blog...and wished I hadn't. So. freakin'. nasty.

Tisha said...

Now that is one crazy blog post. You've given me nightmares too...