Tuesday, March 12, 2013



 Our lives are flowing with simplicity right now.

 Our town is little.
(between the two joining towns we live in, there are 14,000 people)
And although the towns are little, they are still somehow packed full of convenience.
Which makes running errands a dream when compared to our last home.

 Our house is in the forest.
No hustle and bustle of a neighborhood.
No traffic.

 The girls activities are few right now.
Gymnastics on Mondays and American Heritage Girls every other Friday.

 We are all well.

Because of homeschooling the transition of schooling here was...well, simple.
We just started right back up where we'd left off and all are doing great.

My activities are few.
Yoga several times a week.
Keeping up the menu, cleaning and schooling.
(ok...so, that's not all simple, but it's also not squashing me by any means)

Jake's enjoying his training.
He's in new territory and that's always fun.

Soaking up this season of simplicity.

It makes for a boring blog but a happy heart.

I'll take the happy heart.

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