Friday, March 1, 2013

this time it's for keeps


we drove to pick up our second four legged girl yesterday.
we've been waiting to pick her up until Violet's cough was gone and until Bonnie's heart worms were gone but we've got her now!

Violet is a puppy mill mama rescue and Bonnie is a backyard breeder rescue.
Bonnie is 2 yrs old and has probably already had 2 litters of puppies.
When the rescue agency got her she was dying of heart worm and was covered in fleas.
$650 later, she's strong, healthy and HAPPY!
 pictures all taken at her foster home, where she got all better:
 you can kinda see how small Violet is here:
Bonnie is small for a female Golden. Normal but small, and Violet is a mini version of that!

oh Bonnie, you will be SO loved.
You are Samantha's dream come true, that is for sure!

 those shaved spots on her back are from her heart worm killer injections, 
the fronds on the back of her legs are so white she looks like a white tailed deer!
thinkin' about changing her name to Bambi.
but then again, Violet and Bonnie sound like two old ladies sittin' on the front porch talkin' about old times watching the sun set so, nah...we'll stick with Bonnie.
welcome to the fam' wild child.
it's been about 24 hrs and you are already deep in our hearts!


Beckysblog said...

the pic of Samantha and Bonnie is priceless. precious

Anonymous said...

Love!! And I'm betting Bonnie will teach Violet so many things!! Wish I could come over for the afternoon to see the girls playing like crazy with them. Love and miss you!! - Erika C.