Wednesday, May 15, 2013

oh California

this place is cracking me UP!

#1 - in my yoga class the other day there were a line of girls.
our names went like this:

Holly next to Sunshine next to Iris.

and that is not the first time something like that has happened.

The name HOLLY is sooooo popular here - it's a hippy name.  Who knew?

#2 - I saw bright RED, like natural red, dread locks the other day.
they made me stare at them.
I couldn't help it.

#3 - speaking of dread locks - OH MY GOODNESS....we live in the land of dread locks and I love it.
(always been a secret desire of mine to have some one day ;-)

#4 - I have been told twice I 'look' like I'm from the city I live it.
By complete strangers.
Once by another military wife, actually, she asked me if "I came like that? Or did you start dressing like that when you moved there?" and another time I was in Sacramento shopping and was told I look relaxed like someone from the Nevada City area....

#5 - that same guy offered me a free aura reading while I was checking out at the grocery store.
apparently I have a nice aura.

#6 - I have been offered pieces of garnet (the rock) on the side of the street because I have so many girls and it will calm them down if I have some in the house.  Preferably under their pillow.

#7 - I saw a business man waiting at a crosswalk, doing yoga while he waited.
Right behind him was a 40 yr oldish dude on a skateboard with dreads that swept to the ground...OH, and he had a 1980's boom box on his shoulder.

basically, I laugh here...a lot.
lovin' it.

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i'm beccy. said...

You so could rock the dreds!